Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peaceful PuppyMill Protest Announcement-Meetup Link Has Exact Details

This information was passed on to me by animal lover Marilyn regarding a New York City Meetup and I would like to share it with you.
Many Thanks,

Attention Compassionate New York Animal Lovers, It's NOW or NEVER to Help End The
Cruelty & Greed of NYC Puppy Mill Puppy Pet Stores right here in NYC.

Join other New Yorker Animal Lovers at the
Peaceful Protests at Citipups Pet Store NYC:
Where: 147 8th ave between 17th & 18th. Closer to 17th on west side of street.
When: Saturday's, Sundays 1-4pm & Midweek 6pm.
Meetup Link with More Info at: goo.gl/47AHl
We will Educate people about the puppy mills, give info about adoption and fostering.
These are peaceful and civil "awareness protests". 

We desperately need New Yorkers to show up. It's very disappointing that so few are helping us and showing up. We have hundreds of thousands pet guardians in NYC.  Other States are shutting down puppy pet stores stores or helping them go humane by showing up and speaking up for these dogs.

 Winter is here and many in the most horrible mills are out in the cold freezing. Breeding females are forced to pump out puppies for Christmas.  Adoptable pets killed in shelters.

Video of Puppy Mill Puppies In NYC Pet Stores-Under Cover Investigation: http://goo.gl/oH1mH
If you will not help, then who will? Most dogs are purchased during holiday season.
These animals are depending on Your help.