About This Site

Welcome to Defend Animals NYC
the One-Stop Source for Animal Activism info in the Big Apple

NYC is blessed with many, many animal advocacy groups.  Unfortunately, this makes it very hard to keep track of everything going on.  Defend Animals NYC is intended to solve this problem.  On this site, you'll find a calendar of animal activism events in NYC, a directory of animal advocacy groups, and a newswire blog with issue updates, action alerts, protest reports (including photos and videos), news coverage of animal activism, and more.  For the animal rights supporter, this website provides an alternative to subscribing to dozens of email lists, Meetups, and Facebook groups just to find out where this weekend's fur protest or vegan leafleting will be taking place or to find a group working on a particular issue.  For organizers, to make it easier to avoid organizing conflicting events. Organizers can check the calendar before planning an events and use the directory to find potential collaborators.  For the media, the newswire and calendar will make it easier to keep track of what's happening in the animal movement locally, and the directory will make it easier to contact groups when they find a potentially newsworthy story on the calendar or newswire.

Defend Animals NYC is part of a greater effort to increase collaboration between the disparate elements of the local animal advocacy movement in order to build a stronger and more united movement.  We'll be launching a number of other unity building projects throughout 2011 and you'll hear about them first on this blog.

Who is Defend Animals NYC?

Defend Animals NYC is you!  This site is intended as an open, collaborative effort.  We encourage all animal groups in NYC to post news to the blog, list events on the calendar, and to keep their directory listing updated. Email us at info@defendanimalsnyc.org to request editing rights.  Volunteers are also needed to help with keeping features on this site up to date and with creating new features.  Let us know if you'd like to help. Web skills are helpful, but Blogger is designed to be used by people with no technical knowledge, so anyone can help.  Finally, let us know if you have ideas on how to expand and improve this site!