Tuesday, January 10, 2012

North Carolina Abuses Animal to Mimic New York City Tradition

Newscore: PETA Demands End to New Year's 'Opossum Drop'

Petside.com: Are Horse Drawn Carriages Humane?

carriage horse in new york city

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Media Coverage of Angel's Gate Contoversy

Note: One of this blog's primary functions is to aggregate media coverage of animal issues to keep activists informed of how the media portrays the animal advocacy movement.   Particularly in controversial cases like this, we want to stress that we are not necessarily endorsing the opinions or validating the factual claims made by articles by posting them here.  We lack the capacity to investigate stories like this and leave it to readers to investigate these matters further.

Newser: NY animal hospice lauded on national TV charged with cruelty; critics call it a 'hellhole'

Seattle Times: Noted NY animal hospice hit with cruelty charges