Friday, February 18, 2011

Lea Michele Speaks Up for Carriage Horses

TV stars Lea Michelle recognizes that carriage horse rides are about as romantic as a traffic accident.

Glee star Le Michelle is currently featured in a PETA advertisement and video (a different video than the one above) condemning the carriage horse trade:

Lea Michele Exposes Horse-Drawn Carriage Cruelty

and be sure to read

Glee' Star Lea Michele's Q&A With PETA 

Popeater has a video of reactions to Michelle's video from Central Park visitors:
Lea Michele PETA Ad Targets Horse-Drawn Carriages
 Michele first made her thoughts on carriage horse cruelty known in a 2008 ad for PETA (right)
while she was starring in the musical Spring Awakening.

At the time, her commitment to protecting horses was covered at Broadway World:

Spring Awakening Actress Lea Michele Joins PETA Campaign

She continued being a voice for horses with a guest post at Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Life blog:

Horses By Lea Michele

Michele's latest effort has been covered across the blogosphere:

Peoplepets: Lea Michele's Next Rescue Mission: Carriage Horses

Popeater: Lea Michele PETA Ad Targets Horse-Drawn Carriages

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Care2: ‘Glee’ Actress Stands Up For Horses alone ran 4 stories!

Glee’s Lea Michele joins PETA to protest horse carriage trade

Glee's Lea Michele wants New York horse carriages put out to pasture (video)

'Glee': Lea Michele's PETA ad brings harsh response from carriage association

GLEE's Lea Michele fights against cruelty of horse-drawn carriages

Thanks to Lea Michele for using her celebrity spotlight to highlight animal exploitation!

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