Thursday, March 17, 2011

NY Times Special Section on Animals This Week

On Tuesday, March 15, the Science Times this week ran a special section on animals with the following introduction:

"Animals and people. We have always been bound together. Humans are animals, after all. And each new bit of scientific research adds weight and complexity to our genetic intimacy, not just with primates, but with distant relatives like fruit flies and sponges. We share behaviors. We share homes and habitats. We consume each other. Mostly we eat them, a moral quandary for many people. But we still do feed multitudes of parasites, mosquitoes and the odd shark. This issue of Science Times is devoted to our many bonds with animals, and also to the distance between us and them. No other animal makes operas or nuclear weapons. How did we become so different? What made us human?"

 You can read the articles here and listen to the animal-themed Science Times podcast here.

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